Automated Image Search and Analysis

Veritent tracks how and where your images are being used, making it easier to remove any incorrect uses and analyse your content performance.

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Veritent automates image search and analysis

Using AI, we connect to where you keep and post your images and automatically search for where else they are being used. We analyse each result and present them to you in a convenient dashboard.

Veritent seamlessly integrates into your life or business.

Digital Connection
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Connect your digital platforms or upload individual images to Veritent.

Big Data Insights
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We automatically search for exact matches of your content, running each result through our analysis engine to provide data insights.

Takedown Support
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Protect your content by requesting removal from those who may be misusing your images.

Multi Platform Intetegration
Seamless Integration

Connect to where images are shared or stored. Every time an image is posted online or saved to the cloud, an automatic search looks for where the image is used online.

Intelligent Search
Intelligent Insights

We don't just give you a list of results - each result is analysed for context, to extract underlying information from large data sets to inform marketing,strategic, and legal decisions.

Actionable results
Action and Support

Informed by data, any misuse of images are identified allowing you to request a takedown notice and seek further legal support - all from within one platform.

How Veritent can help you
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Companies protect their brand. Why should you be any different?

Your images are your business and carry immense value, but are you protecting them as well as your brand?

Digital reputation is essential for creators when pitching for new work and it’s important to protect your online portfolio where possible.

Get the proper credit for your images and take control of your content with Veritent. We can help you by analysing where and how your images are being used, allowing you to control your digital reputation and portfolio of work

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You wouldn’t give your camera away for free, so why should you do that with your images?

As a photographer, your bills are paid by your creative flair and being able to offer your clients something that they wouldn’t have been able to create themselves.

Whereas word-of-mouth will always be a powerful tool in promoting your business, it is becoming more important to have your portfolio of work online so that it is easily accessible for prospective clients.

With Veritent, you can connect your images on our convenient dashboard so that you can see how and where your photographs are being used. By automatically uploading your portfolio, we will automatically look out for your content being used online and help you to act if you feel appropriate.

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A rogue message can totally ruin your brand reputation. Why risk not knowing?

We live in a digital age, where information is freely shared and readily available, with our customers expecting to know exactly what our business is and what it does at the click of a button.

A rogue message on social media or a fraudulent company using your branding could have a negative impact on your brand reputation – but is this something you’re currently tracking?

Veritent allows businesses to understand how they are seen online by tracking where their images are being used and in what context. By analysing with us, you can ensure that a consistent message is used with your branding and everyone involved in your organisation.

From our dashboard, you can see each use of your images and those important ones will be highlighted at the top. We can even help you to take action on anything that could be violating your rights.

Let Veritent be your digital bodyguard by signing up today.

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Protect Your Worth with Veritent

Veritent is built for the individual creator, allowing you to understand and control how and where your content is used.

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