Veritent | Digital Asset Management with Automated Tracking

Verify and store all your content

In one place.

Pull all your content into a single location, check image licences, collaborate with team members, share with customers, and track your images across the internet.

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Veritent is more than just Digital Asset Management

Check the licence of new images, manage your existing image portfolio, and monitor the use of your high value content across the internet.

Licence Check

Instantly check the licence on any new images and audit your existing content to avoid any unexpected surprises.

Digital Asset Management

Link up all the places you store images and seamlessly collaborate on projects across team members and distribute content directly to the end user.

Image Tracking

Automatically search for your high value images across the internet and be notified when images are being used in a way they shouldn't be.

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Licence Check

Find the licence for any image

Photo by Radek Grzybowski on Unsplash

Choosing an image for your website, social media post, or blog can be a nightmare. Knowing where an image originates from or what licence attached to isn't always clear.

All it takes is using one image without the right licence and you're hit with an invoice for thousands.

With Veritent, check the licence on every image you use - automatically.

  • Identify free to use and paid licence images instantly
  • Custom results based on how you will use the image
  • Record of your previous search results
  • Purchase and save image licences directly though Veritent
  • Connect your image providers to sync your existing licences
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Digital Asset Management

See all your images in one place

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With so much digital media flowing through companies, it can be difficult to keep a track of it all. Instructions and guidelines get lost in endless email chains, while copies of files soon mount up. This leads to is disjointed workflows and using images in the wrong way.

Using Veritent's Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, you and your team have full visibility of all the content in your organisation, where it should be used, and how it's being distributed.

  • Connect to where you already store your images - we support most cloud providers, CMS systems, and can integrate into your database systems
  • Automatic tagging of your images to make finding the right image a breeze
  • Match and create licences for your images using our Licence Checker
  • Share images directly on the internet or send privately to clients
  • Clearly define image purpose and restrict improper use
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Image Tracking

Automatic internet searches for your images

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Your team has spent weeks planning the perfect campaign, curating incredible visuals, and refining the brand message. Now it's out there for the world to see.

Your images are vulnerable to being stolen and used in a way which can distort your communications or damage your brand value.

Veritent's global image search automatically searches the internet for your images, instantly alerting you when your images are used in a way they shouldn't be.

  • Automated global searches for your images
  • Instant alerts when images appear where they shouldn't
  • Take pro-active action against image misuse
  • Build and maintain a stronger brand presence
  • Deep analytics of how your images are being used

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