Veritent | Automated Image Search and Analysis

Automated Image Search and Analysis

Veritent tracks how and where your images are being used, making it easier to remove any incorrect uses and analyse your content performance.

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Veritent Automates Image Search and Analysis

Using AI, we connect to where you keep and post your images and automatically search for where else they are being used, providing insights for data driven strategic, marketing, and legal decisions.

We Verify Content

Digital Connection

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Connect your digital platforms or upload individual images to Veritent.

Big Data Insights

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We automatically search for exact matches of your content, running each result through our analysis engine to provide data insights.

Support & Action

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Get the most from your content by sending takedown notices or start new business relationships.

Online Creators & Influencers

Engagement is crucial to winning new business but are you selling yourself short? Veritent tracks when your image is used beyond your own platforms, unlocking your true value while protecting your worth.


Whether you're just starting out or you're a professional photographer, don't let people take your content. Veritent tracks who is using your images and offers support in taking action.

Talent Management & PR

Maintaining a clients value and effectively promoting them is in your job description, but you don't have the complete picture. Veritent's automated search tracks images to provide data insights on how and where they're being used.


Tired of your business' images being stolen and used elsewhere? Veritent can monitor your copyrighted content and notify you when it appears without your authorisation and spot trends to open new opportunities.

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Multi Platform Intetegration

Seamless Integration

Connect to where images are shared or stored. Every time an image is posted online or saved to the cloud, an automatic search looks for where the image is used online.

Intelligent Search

Intelligent Insights

We don't just give you a list of results - each result is analysed for context, to extract underlying information from large data sets to inform marketing,strategic, and legal decisions.

Actionable results

Support and Action

For any cases of image misuse, send and manage takedown requests and open new business leads to take control of how your images are used - all from within one platform.

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Protect Your Worth with Veritent

Veritent is an online platform allowing you to track where and how your images are used, supporting with strategic, marketing, and legal decisions.