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Alex Wright | Veritent Creative Talks Episode 2

Alex Wright is a freelance photographer talking about his experience of image theft and how Veritent can help him protect his content

Posted by Adam Baldwin on 13th August 2019

Alex Wright is a freelance photographer and business owner talks about how Veritent can help photographers find out who is using their images, and help support them in approaching people to take back control of their images.

Veritent is an online platform which helps creators and businesses track where their images are used online, providing data insights for strategic, marketing, and legal decisions.

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Full Video Transcript

I’m Alex and I am a freelance photographer, I also run a company called Woeman.

I just started out as it was kind of like just a necessity at Uni to get a camera because it was a very visual course, it was fashion communication so a lot of it which is photography project work, and I was like “I need a camera it’s probably going to help you [me] out.”

It [photography] was one of those things where I just stumbled into it and thought “oh this is alright, I don’t mind it”. Explored it a bit more but never really kind of picked up a style until I got into Woeman. I’d say that the style turned into documentary-style photography tinged with a bit of fashion editorial.

Have you ever encountered any issues regarding image copyright?

I’ve never assumed that anybody might be using my work online unless it’s paid work and they’re going “we will use your images at the end of this”. Veritent is a company where they say there’s a good chance your images could be used.

It’s so easy for people to steal your images off Instagram if people want to, and as a photographer you think, “yeah I put my work out there, who’s gonna take it? I don’t think anyone will, you’re just too trusting in the world. No one would be that horrible it just steal your work and use it for something else”.

Do you think you will benefit from Veritent in the future?

Without having a company there to tell you “by the way there is a chance that people might be plagiarising your work” or if you don’t know and you want to find out if people are, they [Veritent] can facilitate that for you.

Because I wouldn’t know where to start if I was going about that, trying to find out if people are [using my images] on my own, I’d just do something daft like put an image in Google search and just see what comes up, but that’s like as far as it would go.

At least with Veritent if you do find that work has been plagiarised, or people are using it without your permission, they [Veritent] have the legal structure and the system to get your work back. I wouldn’t really know because I wouldn’t really know how to word something if I was going to speak to somebody and say “ah you’ve been using my work I’d like you to give me that back” – they’re just gonna be like “well you know we’ve used it like you know can we not just carry on using it.”

I wouldn’t kind of know-how to word it best in a way that backs me up, and the legalities about all of it all. Having my work on Instagram and them taking it off Instagram, like I wouldn’t know the legalities around that so if it was me trying to do it myself I would just make an absolute hash of it.

Would you use Veritent to build new business relationships?

That’s one thing I’ve never thought of, because I just always kind of assume that it’s about getting your images back and kind of giving the power back in your court to have some solidification over your work.

But at the same time yeah like it’s great to be able to go about it the correct way in terms of regaining control of your work if it has been used. But also, as you say, that idea of you can then introduce yourself in the correct way you look like you know what you’re doing in terms of gaining control of your imagery.

Just being able to possibly collaborate further with businesses who maybe have been a bit lackadaisical. It’s a very fast-paced world but yeah, it’s kind of nice to just kind of go about it [starting business conversations] and be like – you know you clearly like my work is there a way that I could then get paid for the work you’ve used or we could do something wherein we collaborate on something else, and we just build a relationship out of there.



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