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How Artificial Intelligence is Protecting the Digital World

Posted by Daniel Fallon on 21st May 2019

Dystopian fiction and the 6 o’clock news might encourage public fear about out of control Artificial Intelligence (AI) but an equally similar and far less threatening scenario is that AI is, in fact, making our online lives more secure.

As computer technology has grown in sophistication, so too has malicious intent from others and methods of staying secure online. While early misuse of computers was limited to people sending infected floppy disks by post, the widespread use of the internet enables viruses to spread online quickly.

There is huge monetary gain and influence for hackers to gain with ransomware programs, identity theft and state-sponsored political interference. The complexity of online threats faced today has naturally lead to improvements in cybersecurity; in the future both will be using, and even dependent on, AI.

The further our lives become integrated into the online world the more careful and internet savvy we need to be about cybersecurity and, in particular, data protection. The wealth of pictures and personal information we put online is without a doubt a treasure trove for any would-be cyber criminal intent on misusing a person’s personal information.

Data protection is of crucial importance to a person whose livelihood is based on sharing personal information, such as an influencer, photographer or celebrity. Image-heavy internet users will need something tailor-made and customisable for their security needs: to protect their cash-flow, identity and peace of mind. In a strange way, a high level of integration of personal info online places an individual at specific risks, whilst enabling a customised cybersecurity experience.

The mutual use of AI as a force for good and bad raises the stakes of online protection. We touched on how AI can threaten cybersecurity, but it also AI enables IT professionals to predict and react to emerging threats quicker and more effectively and increases the pace of detection of sophisticated threats from attackers.

Businesses, too need to cope with emerging threats, especially in the protection of the corporate goldmine of big data. Employee data confidentiality training is a compulsory seminar found in workplaces across the globe – another place for people to consider their computer habits.

It makes sense to acknowledge that cybersecurity will become pervasive in most aspects of personal life. Online banking needs data integrity, work requires safeguarding of information and an individual’s liberal use of social media can lead to identity theft.

All of the sources of value people have online needs its own form of security. Images are a source of value for online entrepreneurs who use social media to make cash and it’s of crucial importance to keep a tight reign on where exactly their images are used because losing control of it could be losing a lives work.

Veritent uses Artificial Intelligence to protect your images and the data connected to them. With a completely personalised breadth of protection, our service keeps costs down and adds a crucial layer of cybersecurity for the amateur photographer to full-time content creators. With the online world evolving, make sure you capitalise on your data’s full potential and be prepared for the next stage of cybersecurity.

Daniel is a final year student at University and Marketing intern at Veritent. He has experience at a Public consultancy in Brussels and now enjoying the Newcastle start-up world.

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