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How Veritent Can Help You

Hear how Veritent can help you from the founder of Veritent, Ryan Mottershead

Posted by Daniel Fallon on 10th July 2019

Hear from the founder of Veritent Ryan Mottershead to learn exactly how Veritent works and how it can help you.

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Full Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Ryan and I’m the founder of Veritent, and we’re an online platform which helps businesses and creators track with images used online, to help prevent copyright infringement and provide data insights.

There are three main benefits to Veritent really, it allows you to track exactly where your images are used, and that’s the completely seamless process.

We provide data insights into how they being used, so we don’t just give you a long list of where they’re being used, we tell you exactly how they’re being used, what context they’re being used.

We offer support to the creators so that means that we can assist with legal support, so having takedown notices sent.

Connecting to Veritent

Veritent makes it really easy for you to connect all of your images to us, you can either upload them yourself directly, or if you’ve got them stored on online storage cloud storage like iCloud, OneDrive, or Dropbox, you can automatically sync to us so every time you save an image in there we automatically start looking for it.

Then of course we’ve got social media integration so Instagram, Facebook, Twitter every time you put an image on there you automatically get protected by Veritent.

Search and Analytics

Now that a creator has all their images connected to Veritent we search for them on a periodic basis determined by the user, from that we essentially get a list of all the places that those images are being used, what you’d usually get is just a really long list and you’d have to work out what to do with that.

What we do is we analyse each result for individual context to tell you in a snapshot, how your images are being used, and we rank the ones that you need to know about the most that are most likely infringing your content, or having a damaging impact on your brand.

In addition to that, we can also help with providing data insights, so if there are trends within how people are using your image, we can identify that as well so if you take the example of being a marketing agency for example and you want an image to viral and you want as many people as possible to see that, we can do that.

With traditional analytics on Twitter or Instagram it’s really easy to have those analytics because you can see how many retweets it’s got how many likes it’s got, but as soon as someone that saves that image and puts it somewhere else you lose that trail of analytics.

With Veritent you can capture that information and really have an understanding of how far your images are actually going, so we provide a much bigger picture of how your images are having an impact.

Action and Support

Everything we do is informed by data, so once the user has got that information from the data insights, we can then help with support and action on that. One course of action is legal support, if a user has decided that an image is being misused in a way which it shouldn’t be we can help them with requesting takedown support, and in the future will be offering monetary compensation support and also requesting credit

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Daniel is a final year student at University and Marketing intern at Veritent. He has experience at a Public consultancy in Brussels and now enjoying the Newcastle start-up world.

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