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What is Veritent? What we do and how we can help

Posted by Ryan Mottershead on 14th October 2018

Veritent is a digital image protection service. We monitor your images, tracking where they’re being used, and help you take action against those who are violating your property.

We also stop you running into trouble, by checking you have the right to post an image before you do so.

What’s the problem?

The internet and social media are wonderful things. They allow for anyone anywhere to have a voice of their own, enable marketers to understand their audience better than ever before, and have made it effortless to create and maintain relationships with people.

For the most part, internet users are genuine people just wanting to share a picture of their cat. But as with anything, there are a group of people who use other people’s success and influence for their own gain, whether that be a monetary gain or not.

At the moment, it’s very difficult for a business, influencer, or individual to track where their images are being used online. Anyone at any time can come along and take a photo and re-post it as their own, and the original creator of the image would have no idea.

The image could be used in a harmless fashion, but could just as easily be used to use another’s success to enrich themselves, potentially devaluing the original brand.

Either way, not knowing is dangerous.

Sharks swimming eating fish near beach

The internet may seem all friendly, but it’s full of sharks – Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash

Understanding Risk

You may be thinking “so what if someone is using my image, I don’t really care. Any publicity is good publicity right?”. Wrong.

Images are posted online with the objective of communicating a specific message to an audience or group of customers. If you don’t know exactly where and how your images are being used, you lose the ability to control the message and your overall online reputation.

This is often overlooked by businesses and influencers, who only realise it’s a problem when they see the negative impact image theft can have. For photographers and graphic designers, on the other hand, the problem is well known but there’s nothing much they can do about it without constant monitoring and a team of lawyers.

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What we do

Veritent allows image owners to know where their images are being used, and for what purpose. Putting them back in control of their digital image, fighting fraudulent activities.

Our AI can determine the context in which your images are being used. A post on The Guardian talking about the image in the right context gets the green flag, an unsecured URL running ads promoting “earn £7,624 an hour from this simple trick” gets a red flag.

Depending on how much protection a user wants, Veritent can automatically remove damaging images from infringing websites leaving people free to get on with creating content worry-free. We empower smaller creators to enforce the copyright on their images and claim for damages based on lost revenue of damaged brand equity.

We also prevent copyright from being broken in the first place. Veritent recognises when an image is being uploaded and can automatically check the image before it’s posted to ensure the poster has the right permissions to do so, avoiding the possibility of a costly lawsuit.

Without Veritent, users have no control over their message, their online reputation could be damaged, they lose out on revenue, and leave themselves vulnerable to being sued.

Star Wars Stormtrooper model on desk next to mac

We’re your digital image bodyguard – Photo by Liam Tucker on Unsplash

Veritent is your digital image bodyguard, we make sharing on the internet safer for everyone.

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We Like Security

Our name comes from verified and content because that’s what we do. There’s no place here for bots or auto-generated content, we only protect real people.

Before someone can benefit from Veritent’s protection, they must first go through a formal identification process. It’s a simple online process, gone are the days of photocopying your passport and sending it in the post. This ensures accountability for each account we protect, preventing a page based on re-posting from trying to enforce copyright on something which isn’t theirs.

We never see any of your passwords or any data you own which you haven’t expressly given us permission to see. That means no spam, no risk of fraud, and no chance of us selling your data. We can’t even see the images you directly upload to Veritent, they’re all contained on an encrypted server accessible only by yourself and our AI.

Now What?

We’re still a young company, but we’re aiming big.

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Protect Your Worth with Veritent

Veritent is an online platform allowing you to track where and how your images are used, supporting with strategic, marketing, and legal decisions.

Ryan is the ambitious and passionate Founder of Veritent, driving change in the way images are managed in the online environment.

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