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No matter what size your business is, if you have an online presence you’ll no doubt be sharing images. Whether that’s a marketing agency showcasing a portfolio or an e-commerce business allowing customers to ‘see before they buy’, your images sell your brand.

Until now there has been no effective way to monitor when your copyrighted images appear elsewhere without your authorisation but that’s all changed with Veritent.

Your brand is the most important thing about your business as it’s the first thing your customers will see and relate to. But do you really understand the extent of how your marketing material is having an impact?

Due to the lack of data that has been available in the past, it’s been difficult to see how your content is being used across multiple platforms, in different strings of posts and if your images has been taken without your consent.

You're unable to see the full reach of your content and how it's being used by others, making it harder for you to make informed strategic, legal and marketing decisions.

By using Veritent, we can help you take back control of your assets by understanding where and how they are being used.

Veritent automatically searches for your images online, monitoring how and where they're being used.

Through this data you'll be able to see the context of your images - with expanded analytics beyond the traditional means of measurement.

We identify possible misuse of your images which could be harming your brand, but also highlight any opporunities for new business relationships.

Protect Your Worth with Veritent

Veritent is an online platform allowing you to track where and how your images are used, supporting with strategic, marketing, and legal decisions.