Features | Veritent

Detect, Analyse, Support

Veritent offers a comprehensive package - automatically finding your images, analysing them for context, and supporting you take action.

Connect to Veritent

Connect each of your digital platforms to Veritent and we'll take care of the rest.

Upload from file

Not all the images you take are uploaded to the internet. Add photos from your computer or your mobile device to keep your photos private.

Connect your social media

Add your social platfoms to Veritent (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc) and Veritent will automatically protect each new image you upload.

Link your cloud accounts

Have a lot of images? Connect your cloud account (OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud) and select your folder. All images in that folder will be automatically protected by Veritent.

Set your keywords

Tell us about you. Name, location, business, common hashtags - tell us all of this and we'll use this as part of our analysis.

Protect new images

Totally hands off approach to image management. Each time you post or add to a folder, Veritent automatically protects it. No need to upload each new image yourself.

Post-deletion protection

If you delete an image from your social media, how do you know someone hasn't already saved it? Veritent can continue to protect your images even after you delete them.

Social platforms

Veritent connects to a range of social platforms, with more being added all the time!

Cloud Storage

Link your cloud storage for seemless integration. We're always adding more!

We take security seriously

Everything is encrypted

All of your data is stored securly, no one is able to see your images except for yourself and our AI. All of our database management is automatic, no human will see your images.

When you delete something, it's really gone

You can opt for Veritent to continue to protect your images after you delete them from your social media or cloud storage, but when you choose to delete an image from Veritent, it's gone for good. All of the data we have on that image is gone, no hidden back ups.

Data Insights

Billions of images are shared on the internet everyday - we find where and how yours are being used

Veritent automatically analyses and categorises each result, making sure you know about the results which matter most.

Exact Matches

Veritent only finds your images - not ones which look like yours. False positives don't help anyone, so we don't have any.

Context Analysis

Each result page is analysed for context, Veritent AI searches the content around the image to understand how your image is being used, providing a snapshot overview of each page.

Keyword Comparison

Along with any embedded data from your images, we also look for keywords and phrases inputted by you. Group keywords together for specific projects for control over how Veritent analyses your results.

Authorised Use

Tell us where you're happy with your images being used, and we won't alert you about them in the future. If there are any cases where you don't want your images used, tell us and we'll flag every time it appears there.

Identify trends in how your images are used

Veritent analyses where your images are used to provide trends and insights which you can use to make better data-driven strategic, marketing, and legal decisions.

Veritent pulls out the underlying trends of your images. When your images are saved and posted somewhere else, Veritent picks that up and collects the analytics for you to use. (Beta)

Each result is analysed for context, giving you a snapshot overview of the types of pages using your images. Blog, ecommerce, stock, social media - Veritent gives your insights into image use.

Veritent helps you identify new business oportunities informed by big data. When your images are being used for commercial purposes, Veritent opens the door to start a relationship, helping you generate an additional revenue stream


For those uses which just aren't right, Veritent offers support in taking back control of your content.

Takedown Request

Send a takedown request to any infringing sites to have your images removed. You can also simply request for credit on the image. (Beta)

Further Legal Support

Send a takedown request to any infringing sites to have your images removed. You can also simply request for credit on the image. (Coming soon)

Business Lead Generation

Veritent can open doors to new business opportunites. Once an image use has been identified, open a business relationship to create a new revenue stream from your content.

Protect Your Worth with Veritent

Veritent is an online platform helping businesses and creators track where their images are used, offering support for strategic, marketing, and legal actions.