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Online Creators & Influencers

Engagement is crucial to winning new business but are you selling yourself short?

It's easy to track how your images are performing on your own social media channels, blogs and websites but what about when your image is used elsewhere? Maybe the brand you have been working with has decided to share your creation on their site or a media outlet has picked it up as part of a news story or feature? This is when tracking can start to get a little more tricky.

With Veritent, we can help you to unlock your content's true value by tracking where and when your image is used beyond your own platforms, and act against those misusing your content.

Whether being an online creator is your full-time job or an additional hobby, it's fair to say that the profession relies on images in order to make money.

There is no way of knowing where or how your content is being used which can result in losing out on potential revenue from lost affiliate sales. By having the ability to track when your images are used elsewhere, you have a flurry of data available right at your fingertips to boost your personal media pack and worth.

Aside from the money aspect, as an online creator your personal brand is crucial to securing further work. Being associated with a negative topic can devalue your brand, making it less attractive as a collaborative partner. Wouldn't you like to know when your content is used for a different purpose than originally intended?

There may even be occasions where legal action is necessary which can be a daunting, expensive and complicated process.

By using Veritent, we can help you take back control of your assets by understanding where and how they are being used.

When you sign up for Veritent you'll have access to extensive analytics of each image's performance including data beyond your existing post metrics.

At the click of a button you'll be able to remove any misuse of your images by sending a takedown notice to the source using your content and we've got even more extensive legal support coming soon.

Why not start your journey into identifying new business opportunities now and increase your revenue through new partnerships? By understanding your own value and protecting your worth, you'll never sell yourself short again.

Protect Your Worth with Veritent

Veritent is an online platform allowing you to track where and how your images are used, supporting with strategic, marketing, and legal decisions.